Collection of 4200 NFT with great benefits !

Gollo Adventures is a collection of 4,200 NFTs, unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Gollo NFT doubles as your Gollo Club membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.


In this first phase we have three different classes, each with unique characteristics, creating different levels of rarity.


It has a unique personality with different expressions and attitudes. Remember that bud that left you relaxed but well up.


The Pale class has unique accessories in its different variations. Remember that mixing THC with other substances does not always end well.


The stoner are those who do not stop smoking all day, they have all kinds of stoner toys


The legendary ones are those buds that are loaded with power and take us right where we want to be, they have all the necessary accessories for the journey.

Gollo Community

This is the best time to enter the Gollo community, we created a collection of 4,200 randomly generated 2D NFTs representing cannabis users, medical cannabis, and NFT enthusiasts. These NFTs are created to power our unique cannabis cultivation academy and our video game that will drive you crazier than your best bud. And that’s not all, you have the opportunity to belong to an exclusive community of consumers and growers in the metaverse and the world.



exclusive store

We will have exclusive clothing from the community.

Coming Soon

On-Line Academy of cultivation, animated shorts, 3D NFT collection, products for cultivation, extractions and more.


30% of the Royalties will go back to the community.


Exclusive access to our farm in the metaverse where many events will take place.


We have raffles and prizes every week in our discord community, join us.

Commercial Rights

All holders have the rights to each NFT of this collection that they own.

The Team


Fundador - CEO - Illustration - Graphic Design
[email protected]


Project Manager
[email protected]

Road Map

  • Project Structuring: The general idea of ​​the image and its structure is proposed. (Feb. 2022).
  • Launch of the Web and Social Networks: Advertising campaign to publicize the project on its different platforms. (Mar. 2022).
  • Weekly giveaways in our discord community to make it grow.
  • First Pre-sale of the collection: The first round begins, 1000 NFT go on pre-sale at a price of .004 (ETH), WL only.(Apr. 2022)
  • Second Pre-sale and reveal: We continue with 2000 NFT at a price of .03 (ETH) and the complete reveal of the collection is made. (May 2022).
  • Weekly Giveaways continue for the entire community (May 2022).
  • Launch of the exclusive merchandise store for holders: We will enable the merchandise store on our website, with special discounts for holders of an incredible Gollo (NFT). (Jun 2022).
  • Gollo Animated Short: A series of animated shorts telling the story behind Gollo and its community will be revealed. (Aug 2022).
  • Creation of the 3D modeled NFT collection: Gollo and his friends enter the third dimension. (Nov 2022).
  • Community in the metaverse: Gollo’s farm in the metaverse is underway with big surprises for everyone. (Nov 2022).
  • First Pre-sale of the 3D Collection: 1,000 3D-modeled NFTs go on pre-sale with many prizes and raffles for the entire community. (Dec 2022).


  • It is a digital certification that is used to buy and sell collections, works of art or videos virtually.
  • How does it work? The operation is through a blockchain and it is necessary to have a virtual wallet.
  • Can a copy of an NFT be made? No, it is a certificate that makes the piece unique through a system that is managed from computers around the world.
  • Can NFTs be viewed from any computer? Yes, the owner makes sure that only he has the original copy, but anyone can see that copy.

New to NFTs? No need to worry, here are some steps on what you need to do to get a Gollo NFT.

1. Enter our Discord community and apply to our White List.

2. Download the extension in your browser.

3. Add the Polygon network to your metamask wallet.

4. Now it’s time to buy your NFT, click on “Gollo” and select the NFTs you want to buy.

5. Click on the “MINT” button and you will be redirected to the Opensea page.

6. Always check that the links are the official ones before doing any transaction.

7. Once in Opensea, make sure you are connected to the Polygon network in your metamask wallet.

8. Click on the “Buy now” button and confirm the payment in your wallet.

9. Once you have made your purchase, your NFTs will appear in your wallet and in OpenSea.

A total of 4,200 Gollo NFT 2D will be created in the first phase.

The Pre-Sale will be on April 10 and the public sale will be on May 5.

0.004 (ETH) in the first Pre-Sale.

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