What the hell is Gollo Adventures?

Gollo Adventures was born from the genius of a group of artists and cannabis growers, we are a growing community that aims to make known the art of self-cultivation and its benefits. As artists we have created a collection of 4,200 unique NFTs whose main protagonist is a bud named “Gollo”.This collection will be minted on the Polygon network and will help us spread our community around the world.Gollo not only represents our community, Gollo is a symbol of freedom in many ways; Cannabis has important medicinal properties and everyone who needs it needs to know how to grow and process it.


Many people have great ideas, but do not have the support to develop their projects. Gollo Adventures is an organization committed to the growth of our community, with a team of professionals trained to provide the necessary tools, support and training to support each member of Gollo Adventures.

  • We offer an easy way to learn how to grow and process your cannabis plants.
  • We generate confidence in the collaborators in the project and in their ability to achieve a successful project.
  • We will create a channel for the development of our growers with a friendly and easily accessible platform.
    We are available to anyone at an international level.
  • We will capture and promote digital projects, with our community of growers that will grow more and more.


Knowledge is power, we share our experiences in the world of Cannabis and we want everyone in our Gollo Adventures community to know the great power of the plant and to be able to grow it themselves.We promote the use of medicinal cannabis and we will share the different methods of extraction and treatment of the plant in its entirety.


We will create the largest community of cannabis growers in the world, helping our users grow as growers and grow economically by earning money with our NFTs, raffles, prizes and different environments that we will create in the metaverse.


Beyond a collection of NFTs, Gollo Adventures is a community focused on spreading information and experiences about the use and cultivation of Cannabis.


  • Create the largest community of growers in the world.
  • Create an economic fund to promote projects in our community.
  • Boost the community by creating a series of Gollo Aventures animated shorts.
  • We will create a collection in the second season of Gollo NFT modeled in 3D.
  • We will open our own Marketplace for merchandise and NFTs.
  • Our main objective is to grow together with the gollo community, establishing a symbiosis with users to support us in future projects.



If you want to invest in Gollo Adventures supporting a professional growth project, you can share your ideas with us through the contact form (We will contact you to tell you what to do).

Or you can make a donation on the website.


If you want to grow professionally in Gollo Adventures you can join our community of professionals in our discord channel to:

Offer your professional services.
Participate in our community and invest in future projects.
Be part of the development of large international projects.
Receive your royalties quickly and safely.


If you have a business idea and cannot find the human capital or resources, at Goyo Adventures we are willing to help you.

In our third phase we will be developing a platform to apply for projects or business ideas where collaborators and professionals will achieve a goal.


We have a small community of  growers and NFT enthusiasts, and we want to share our experiences and creativity with everyone.

We want to create a large community of growers around the world and for this we specifically structured the first academy for cannabis growers, the idea is to grow with the community and learn from the experiences of each user. Each crop is different and each person does things their own way, as a community we want to test a platform where we can share ideas and put them into practice, go from word to action.

Every day that passes new healing properties of cannabis are discovered, on our platform we can keep up to date with all the news and put them into practice, we also want to offer good quality products so that users can grow with the certainty that they are providing what they need. best for your plant.